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Here's what Canada needs to regain leadership in mineral exploration and mining
23 Agu 2016 - Canada’s mineral exploration and mining industry is asking Energy and Mines Ministers, currently in Winnipeg for their 73rd annual conference, to work on tackling several challenges that have resulted in Canada dropping to second place behind Australia as the most desirable mining destination in the world.

Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) President Bob Schafer said that as the downturn was still being felt by the mineral exploration and mining industry, action was required to ensure Canadians are able to capitalize on the great opportunities that lie ahead.

McArthur River mine could cost up to $1B to remediate
23 Agu 2016 - The McArthur River mine in Australia is looking at a nine-figure clean-up bill, says a new report on one of the world's largest producers of lead, zinc and silver.

The report by Monash University and the Mineral Policy Institute recommends that the mine stop operating until a public commission is set up and examines whether the mine can be made safe and at what cost, The Guardian reported on Sunday.

Stephen Nano – Mirasol Resources makes value investing simple through prospect generation
22 Agu 2016 - Stephen Nano, CEO of Mirasol Resources sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven & Probable (http://www.provenandprobable.com/) to discuss the virtues of Prospect Generation, the most recent press release regarding the ‘Claudia Gold-Silver Project’ ., and some of the unique features that makes Mirasol Resources one of the hand-picked exhibitors for the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver.

This just found bead may be the world's oldest gold artifact
22 Agu 2016 - Archaeologists have found in Bulgaria a very small bead that may be the world's oldest gold artifact ever unearthed.

The piece, found in the southern town of Pazardzhik, is believed to date back to 4,500-4,600 BC, which makes it 200 years older than jewellery from a Copper Age also found in Bulgaria 44 years ago, Reuters reported.

Moody’s has just called the bottom of the commodities rout
22 Agu 2016 - Moody's Investors Service has injected some fresh optimism into the global mining industry by changing its outlook for base metals to stable from negative, which basically means it believes prices for aluminum, copper, nickel and zinc have already bottomed out.

"We view prices for base metals as having likely bottomed following the sharp decline beginning late last year, and consequently we have revised our price sensitivity assumptions," said Carol Cowan, a Moody's senior vice president and author of the report.

Copper price is going nowhere
22 Agu 2016 - New report says base metal prices have bottomed, but there's hardly any upside – and that includes the zinc price

Gold stocks correcting through time not price
3 Apr 2016 - Gold Stocks enjoyed a fabulous, near vertical rebound into March yet were in extreme overbought territory. We and many others called for a correction. In recent weeks those other voices have worried excessively about the alleged bearish construction of the CoT. Although Gold and Silver have essentially consolidated with a little weakness, the gold stocks have continued to hold above even initial support. Over the past month they have corrected through time rather than price.

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